Nicolás Mac-Lean


Profesional del Laboratorio de astroingeniería – Técnico universitario en Matricería para plásticos y metales.

Manufacturer and designer of molds and dies for plastics and metals


  • CNC machine tools
  • EDM
  • Animation and rendering in Unreal engine
  • Architectural visualization with Unreal Engine
  • Scenario design with Unreal Engine
  • Infoarchitecture of interiors with an unreal engine
  • Design of 3D sets for products
  • Gold and silver microcasting
  • Carved in wax
  • Plastic injection machines
  • Polyurethanes and silicone molds for systems and prototypes
  • Creation of a professional website with WordPress
  • Serigraphy
  • Textile print design


Research of interest:

  • Glass blowing and casting
  • Optical instrumentation
  • Photogrametry
  • AI


Phone: ————–
Extension (if calling from the same university): 3542.
email: nicolas DOT mac-lean AT uantof DOT cl