Jeremy Tregloan-Reed

Jeremy Tregloan-Reed
Astronomer at Centro de Astronomía, Universidad de Antofagasta.
PhD, University of Keele, Staffordshire, United Kingdom (2014).

Research interests

  • Transiting Exoplanets
  • Spin-Orbital Alignment of Planetary Systems
  • Starspot Tracking in Exoplanet Light Curves
  • Planetary Atmospheres
  • Defocused Photometry
  • Simultaneous Multi-band Photometry
  • Exoplanet Light Curve Modelling
  • Bayesian Analysis


Microlensing Network for the Detection of Small Terrestrial Exoplanets (MiNDSTEp) (

The Chilean-TESS Working group, TESS-CL



Transit-Starspot Model, PRISM

PRISM is written in IDL and was developed to model a planetary transit, limb darkening (LD), and starspots on the stellar disc simultaneously.

Download from GitHub: PRISM


Phone: +56 55 2637586
Extension: 7586